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In 2007 2 guys sat in the old RAOB club in Houghton-le-Spring, reminiscing about the days when there were half a dozen venues in the immediate area with excellent bands on every week. Being the kinds of guys who did more than talk about it, they set up The Buffalos Rock Club in the RAOB and kicked off with local lads 'Blue Diamond'.

The club was an immediate success with both bands and punters alike. The bands soon learned they'd always be paid and be treated with respect by guys who loved their music. The punters found they'd be welcomed to a safe venue where there'd be no bingo or meat draw and wher dancing was not only acceptable, but positively encouraged.

When the original Buffs club closed down in 2010 and the building became a Wetherspoons, Houghton Comrades welcomed the Rock Club up there where the bands much appreciated the MUCH easier load in (the original Buffs load in was horrendous) and we punters still had our weekly Rock fix. And the bands played on.

But nothing lasts forever, with falling numbers of bums on seats, we made the decision at the end of April 2015 to call it a day - in Rock we trust - the music never dies.

Lasting Friendships have been forged on that anvil of Rock that was Buffalos Rock, people met their future wives or husbands and families were re-united.

For those who Rocked - we salute you


Over the years many photographs have been taken of both the bands and the audiences, we intend to display as many of them as possible until this site expires towards the end of 2015.

Please send the photos as email attachment to or

Look for us on Facebook - search 'buffalos rock'

Check the gig listings for news of bands on in the Comrades.


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